Saturday, December 9, 2017

Call Arya

I was hesitant to call that number, but it keeps on popping into my mind. I'll just forget it, maybe I should think about something else, like what book I should read, or what I should cook for dinner, or go online shopping. Damn.... it keeps on coming into my mind, how do I get rid of this sense of curiosity in me. 

I mean, that number, it could be fake or a prank. And if I did call it, they would probably record my conversation and play it on national TV or viral it on social media. I'll be a laughing stock, and my whole entire life I would need to just cover my whole self up like 'Barney the lovable purple dinosaur' whenever I'm out.  Why Barney? Cause he is purple and lovable... that's why!!

"It's Arya....he sounds sincere. Call, call. Call."πŸ’‘

Oh shut up mind!! Don't make me think about it. He is sincere, and he'd probably get someone nice like... Nayantara. Plus I don't want to be Barney.

It's not that I want to be his life partner, thought of just becoming a friend. But he doesn't even know me. He is a Star. And me.... just a Civil EngineerπŸ‘·....bitumen, crusher run, road, drainage, CBR, coring, hot sun 🌞... that's my life. No No No....not in common at all. Even if we were going out for let's say a cup of tea 🍡for chat, what will it be like :

Me : Hi Arya

Arya : Hi Jayne
Me : MMMmmmm so how's life? (That's a dumb question, of course everyone knows that his life is super cool, he is a Star ... Miss Jayne remember!!).
Arya : Great, what about yours...
Me : Haaa... great too. 
Arya : So ... tell me about yourself... maybe we can get to know better?
Me : Errr.... sure why not. Well I'm a Civil Engineer and I'm working for bla...bla...bla... 
        (and after I finish telling my story, what the hell to talk about?)

Stop...stop ... stop, he would have probably slept off by the time I end my great story about me, myself and I.

So that's the reason I'm not calling.

Or maybe if I called.... :


Me: Hi, err Arya, it's me Jayne...I'm calling from Malaysia...
Hang Up!!

That's horrible. Isn't it?😟

So that is another reason I'm not calling.

Plus the reason I said earlier, it will be recorded and goes viral.

So mind, FORGET. Go to bed....


Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh.............. stop!! Arya doesn't like to be bothered. He doesn't like to be with a Civil Engineer!! Go to

Then I started rolling on the bed....jumping up and down, shutting my eyes and saying stop, stop, stop. Then I opened my eyes, and there in front of my eyes, the Arya poster on the wall..... Noooo......😟

Switch of the light. There, no Arya..... pheewwww....😌

Handphone ringing ☎....Arya on the screen. Noooooooo.... switch it off! 

Shit, that was my boss calling....great!! Call back Jayne.

*It's just a story...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ladies Finger Pachadi (Raita)

This is my favorite side dish when I am having vegetarian food. Goes well with sambar and spicy brinjal. Also very much loved by my guests when I served lunch for Deepavali. The ladies finger is fried until crispy and added into yogurt and a mixture of coconut and dry chilies. Spicy, a little sweet from the ladies finger , creamy and cooling. 

Ingredients :

250 grams Ladies Finger (Cut into small pieces)
1/4 cup grated coconut
1 cup yogurt
2 pieces dry chilies
1 tsp mustard seed
10 curry leaves
salt to taste
1/4 tsp asafoetida (optional)

Preparation :

1. Grind dry chilies, grated coconut and salt. Mix with yogurt.
2. Fry mustard seed , curry leaves and asafoetida (optional). Mix in yogurt mixture.
3. Fry ladies finger and drain in tissue paper excess oil.
4. Before eating lunch/dinner add fried ladies finger and yogurt mixture.

I don't use asafoetida. Mix and chill it before serving. 

Can also add fried brinjal πŸ† together with the fried ladies finger. 

Super delicious and a must try πŸ˜‹. Good luck and happy cooking !

Karthigai 2017

Happy Karthigai Folks, be blessed all year!!!

Hearty Breakfast

Who doesn't love a lovely breakfast especially when you wake up in the morning and tadaaa... breakfast is ready right in front of you, ready to omnomm nomm.... I mean eat πŸ˜„. But unfortunately it only happens in dreams. So wake up early and make your own breakfast 🍡. 

All my favorite and healthy breakfast, Ragi Puttu, Taufu Faa (did I spell it right?) and a cup of Milo. Nyum nyum....πŸ’œ. It's home cooked and made by Jayne...

Monday, October 23, 2017

Boss or God

Are we afraid of loosing our jobs or are we afraid that we will fail to do our responsibility given by god? Are we praying to GOD or are we praying to our bosses and company?

A lot of people fail to realise that we are here to do our responsibilty given by GOD. If there is a road, and it's for the use of public, then those who are responsible to ensure that it should be in a good condition, should do thier responsibility instead of talking about not having enough funds, not the right funds to be used, or categorising road and setting a system that is so difficult that it's not helping the public, etc.

If we set up such a difficult rule, then why can't change it and make it easier to manage and at the same time benefit public. The rules and systems are made by human, not GOD. If it's not helping then it should be changed for the benefit of public.

Jayne is so furious about recent insidents, because she can't solve the problem. Why...? rules , regulation, systems , and people who don't try to change it. Let's zoom out and see, look.. it's only Jayne who is shouting loud and saying the whole system is not helping public. The rest are really angry and biting thier teeth and looking at her, asumming that she is complaining about them.

No she is complaining about the system not about anyone.

So let's think back, are we working to please our bosses and company or are we doing our respinsibility?

Jayne believes in GOD and is here to do her responsibility, if people think she is trying to point fingers at others, they might as well errr i don't want to say it!!

But I have something to say to Jayne, "Jayne you're not Wonder Woman, and you can't put everything right in a day, but keep going."

Friday, October 20, 2017

Deepavali 2017

On the second day of Deepavali, we had a simple lunch treat for our friends. The menu was White Rice, Pumpkin Sambar, Mix Vegetables, Brinjal Perattal, Ladies Finger Pachadi, Fruit Salad and Rava Payasam for desert.

That's alot to prepare, but I made it. And I'm so glad they finished it. Jayne can be a good chef rite .... hehehe. But there was a twist in this task of preparing lunch. I cannot use Garlic and Onion. Oh uh.... I never cook without Garlic and Onion. It's my main ingredient...

But anyhow, I made it!!! Clap clap clap... :-)

Satisfied that my guest enjoyed thier lunch alot until the plate was clean... Yes everything was well except, you know... It's not Jayne if I did not do a mistake. Hehe... i forgot to chill the Mango Juice and served it hot on a very very hot day. Heeee... The End.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

So you want to cluck cluck or you want to fly....

This is how I interpret this quote. If you keep complaining about others mistake , not realizing your own and gossiping about others like how the chickens cluck and cluck and cluck....but never try to mend your own mistake or try to improve yourself you will never learn and will remain a chicken (ya a chicken...meaning you got no guts). Especially if you hang out with chickens that cluck and cluck all day...but in the end don't do anything...

But if you have the courage to accept your mistakes and willing to make it better, then you will fly like the eagle. Meaning you'll go somewhere higher and improve yourself. You must want to be like people who are like the eagles. So positive, confident and ready to accept own weakness.

So you want to cluck cluck or you want to fly....

I want to fly high like the eagles....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dressing Up

It's always hard to decide what to wear to work. Jayne is always not very happy with her wardrobe. Last night she ironed her favorite blue shirt and today morning she doesn't feel like she wants to wear that.

After going through her boring wardrobe, she gave up and just decided to wear her green kurti. Jade green with embroidered details on the collar and around the wrist. In my point of view, that is a very nice top.

Paired with red leggings , it will look fabulous. But Jayne doesn't think so. She thinks that she wears almost the same cloths all year round. I do agree with that...hahaha.

But anyhow, when Jayne  reached her office, she was already late, and praying that her colleagues will not notice her presence, and especially her boss will not appear in front of her and say '"YOU'RE LATE!!!". As she walked to the entry way....a tall dark handsome man ..... walked past her.

Jayne actually admires him a lot, I notice that in her eyes. But on the other hand, he hardly noticed her presence and couldn't be bothered to get to know her. But this time it was different, as she rushed to her space.... I noticed that he turned and looked at her, then he looked down, and he smiled slightly.

Wow....did the jade green attracted him, or did Jayne... 

Ooooo I must tell Jayne what I saw. She'll be so excited and jump from one fluffy cloud to another...that's how she describes herself when she is very happy. Though that is so ridiculous, she can never jump on a cloud...heeee.

*It's just a story*