Saturday, February 28, 2009

...wind blew the pages of my diary...

I was at Batu Ferringhi watching the beautiful sun setting and two child playing with the sand, happily chatting away and they too, I bet, were enjoying the beautiful sunset.
Streched my body, getting ready to dip myself in the sea water when the wind blew the pages of my old diary and just stopped at that one particular page.... the page I wrote many years ago...the page that I have not read all these years...the page that now reminds me of Josh....
I stood still for a few seconds, thinking if I should read it or just run to the beach, jump over the waves and say 'haha...u missed me'!! But my heart says..."read it....". And so i took the diary and read it...

?? January 1998

1 MONTH AGO: I saw him at the library seriously preparing for finals. Books stacked up on his table, I could see his eyes focusing on that one page. Such a smart boy! How sad, he didn’t notice me sitting just opposite his table.

1 WEEK AGO: I saw him at the dance practice, showing off his cool moves, imitating MJ and then he stopped. The crowd cheered and whistled at him. I was there, leaning on a pillar, right beside a very tall figure. I cheered too. But how sad he didn’t notice me at all!

1 DAY AGO: I saw him gazing at a group of girls as they walked across his table and then he whispered something to his friend and smiled at the girls. Wow…what a smile! How sad he didn’t notice me sitting just beside his table.

1 HOUR AGO: I saw him running down the field, sweating and tired but still looking gorgeous, raising his hand proudly after scoring a goal for his team. I cheered together with the crowd but how sad he didn’t notice me at all!!

1 MINUTE AGO: I saw him sitting at the cafeteria having a hot cup of tea, chattering away with his friends. Isn’t he the cutest thing on earth! How sad he didn’t notice me at all!

1 SECOND AGO: I was sitting rite there waiting for a bus and there he was opposite the road waving at someone…..someone probably sitting beside me at the bus stop. Wait a minute…. There’s no one here. Oh my god ….. he’s waving at ME!!! He’s calling me….arrghh!!


NOW: I’m sitting right next to him admiring his sad face…his eyes filled with tears. What beautiful eyes. How sad, all this while I didn’t notice him looking at me.

Tears running down my cheeks...memories of Josh came into my mind....I remembered that sad day....or rather an embarrassing day of my whole entire life (actually there's even worse moments).... Josh was actually sad and with all that tears in his eyes because the bus ran over his pencil case!!! Arrghh...!!! He was waving at me, asking me to take his DUMB pencil case before the bus crushes it....

"Oh my god....why does things like this happen to me...."

I dropped the diary and ran to the beach, jumped over the waves and said...."haha Josh you missed me"!!!! ;-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One of God's Greatest Gifts

All through our life, god has always been beside us. Watching us grow up and achieve the best in our lives. I believe HE has helped through till who I am today and will continue to give the best till the last day. HE has blessed me with a happy family and great friends.

Five years in UTM, I really enjoyed my life there. I truly miss those days with my friends. Now that all of us are busy working, we only meet up occasionally. It's one of god's greatest gift to me that i meet this group of 12 guys and 2 girls on May 15th, 2002 (i think so that's the day). Some snapshots of fun times with them....

'Going jalan-jalan on sampan'

'Tenggelamla jetti!!'
'The whole gang'

'Kummi adi, kummi adi'

'Chicken burn edy la'

'Say Cheese'
And this was my first impression on the guys, written on 22nd July 2002..... (not all of it is true though)

1st time i saw n i thought he was VERY SOMBONG n i
hated looking at his face!But then now i realised i'm
wrong he's a friendly person!He dresses smartly n his
hair style is cool wit that over loaded gel on his
head i geuss.He is my so called ANNAN which makes the
others jealous maybe!N he bought 4 me food the other
day when i was so damn hungry thanks to him!he plays
badminton like Misbun Sidek but i'm sure he'll lose to

He's the Ketua of the 12 batchmate.Very seroius never
saw him smiling.He's very good in his studies "i
heard" n he did a very good presentation "i
heard".Still remember the day i fought wit him n d
phares "athe pruppe kari than sapedere tamil pese
teriyathu".I think he's a very helpful n nice person
so far...

Hope i spelled d name correctly!He's the punnagai poo
... coz he's smiles all d time!He's very simple n very
quite.Never talked to him once also.But i remember
that he was the 1st Indian Guys saw during the
registeration time!I think he is very secretive but
i'm not sure!
Kohila's kappekawan she just said that coz he got
car!!He is very rajin n pandai nn i donno much bout
him!Even though he has a car he never pitheran - so
last few days b4 d holiday he was smiling away donno
y.I guess he's a very quite person n always study
study.n a friendly person 2.He's the appavi.But he's
very active in sports!Might b our future athlet!....

He's so blur in class n i like d way he dresses.Mayb i
should intro him to Kiran...she might like him

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO quiet!Very rajin in class maybe will
get 4 FLAT!never smiled once also very serious...!u
should ask him to laugh once in a while to avoid heart

We never intai him playing badminton but not bad he
can play too but sure loose to me 1!he's d cumma cumma
guy!Very rajin in class n maybe 4 flat!This fello sure
got peminat next year so ask him to sabar!!Sometimes
funny sometimes serious very hard to predict!.....

I think he's very funny i just cant look at him feel
like laughing!Dresses like mappalai someone
said!Veddeppe pechi alot...i can c that!Like to miss
call ppl "kande kande nerem" all!First time i saw him
i thought he was a Nataks!....

Joke mannan Vivek tak ngam pun dengan orgnyer!b4 he
looked cute when he had his hair but
now very ugly coz he is BOTAK!Donnola wat to say bout

I was so supprised to know that he is Dr.Mathava!Since
he minat Kohiks mayb can help him line poderan!He is
ok n a very friendly person n too concerned bout
kohiks izit??Macho man laaa

Has a weird name n dreamin in class maybe...very
coolla but toooooo thin angin tiup pasti terbang...ask
him to eatla...!But he donno how to pronaunce my name...
that's very BAD!But okla hes not that sombong like
my annan ... just joking!

"Well over the years i got to know every one of them very well, and these guys are my bestest friends forever."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Her Special Day

The most "can't-wait-for-it" celebration of the year 2009 is coming up. My sister's wedding. I'm so very excited about it, especially the part where I get to choose my Saree for the wedding day and my dress for the wedding dinner. Hehehe....

Actually I'm more excited about the wedding dinner because it is hosted by the bride's family (our side).

Well ofcourse we all are working hard on our part to make her special day, very very special. Dad's busy with the venue bookings and 'paresam'. Mum's busy on the house decoration and the 'paresam'. Anne & Anni (Brother & Sister-In-Law) busy with the decoration, photograph & video bookings, food, music and ect. And I'm busy deciding the saree and dress colour and the jeweleries. Not for the's for me.Hehehe..! And not to forget Jaya, who's very busy with her semester exams, I wonder what she'll be contributing for the wedding preparation.

The excitement is killing me, I actually went around the mall looking for a dress for the wedding dinner. And I saw this beautiful black dress with nice black shinny stones, stiched in flowery pattern on it. I really fell in love with the dress, and to my suprise it was only RM 200.00!! Oh wow...!

Then came the "too-bad-you-can't-have-it" part. It actually didn't fit me! It's size 'XS'...extra small!! (hey...I know what you're thinking...I'm size 'S' okay!) heart broke into pieces when the sales girl told me only size 'XS' is available.

But all this will never stop my quest to look for the most beautiful dress I can find (and afford to buy) for the dinner. Hehehe....

"To my dearest sister, Radha, wish you all the best!"