Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Thirst For The Classical Language

Only after music director, Vijay Anthony made the Aathichudi song, many of us wanted to find out what it meant. Aathichudi is a collection of quotations by Auvaiyar. Most of us who are not from Tamil schools don't know much about Tamil Literature.

I'm amazed how this single-lined quotations are created. If you know Aathichudi and the meaning of each quotations then you can teach the Tamil Alphabeths together with Aathichudi to your children, because it is organized in alphabetical orders. So don't teach 'A for Apple' to your child. Teach அ - அறம் செய விரும்பு. Which is A - Aram Seiya Virumbe that means have desire to do good.

I really regret I did not get a chance to start my early education in a Tamil school. In east Malaysia the Indian community is a minority and there are no Tamil Schools. I always thought those who live in the west were luckier because they have a chance to learn some of our literature. But surprisingly there are Indians in the west who don't want to send their children to Tamil School. English seems more important than our mother tongue.

Wonder what is wrong with Tamil Schools? Not enough facilities or is it false perception that if you study in a Tamil School, you won't be as smart as the students in national primary school. In the 60's, students from Tamil Schools had a hard time when they enter the secondary school where the syllabus was in English at that time.

But now, it's different. Most parents are able to speak at least basic English. So why not send the child to a Tamil School. My Tamil School was my mum. She taught us to read Tamil from the magazines and newspapers we bought when we came for holidays to the west.

I remember how we kept the papers and magazines so safely, handling each page delicately to avoid tearing it. It was that precious to us, reading the same papers and magazines again and again each month because we did not have any source of Tamil books. Not even a Tamil radio station.

A thirst to learn my own language, Tamil. Back to the Aathichudi, I am still searching for the meaning of each quotation by Auviyar. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EE Labels

I didn't know anything about the EE Label until I read TheStar online today. EE Label is the label for refrigerators or other appliances that are energy efficient. So if you see 5 stars in that label, it means that it is most efficient in saving energy. But I'm not sure how the label looks like.

I guess most of us are not aware of it until the news came out today in the papers that those who have energy bills between RM 3 and RM 285 can claim RM 200. If you buy 5-star rated air conditioner model, you save RM 100 and if you buy 5-star rated refrigerator model you save RM 200. Both items must be endorsed by Energy Commision.

If you didn't read the papers today or didn't know about this news, and you are very exicited to get you rebate.... wait. Terms and Conditions applies. I forgot to mention that!

So find out if you are qualified for a rebate at Spread the news and save your pockets. Besides checking if you are eligible for rebate, they also have tips on how to save energy and your money. Like that 'blackout curtains' idea.

So don't wait until you are offered a rebate to save energy. You can save more if you use energy.... efficiently. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

HARI MALAYSIA 16.09.2011

After 54 years of Independence,
And 48 years of establishing Malaysian Federation,
Here we are,
Celebrating the formation of our beautiful country.

It’s a Friday and a Holiday!
It’s time to celebrate,
With a great start.
Yes!! A great start with the perfect breakfast,
Nasi Lemak, Tosai or perhaps some Dim Sum.

With my stomach full of Malaysian Delicacies,
I am writing a thank you note to,
All Malaysians for helping me in every way, every day.

Yes, even that smile from you,
brightened my gloomy days.
That honk reminding me to switch on my car lights,
one stressful night.
That willingness to follow me,
to make sure I arrived at the correct place.
And for that concern to make sure I get my
‘Buy one free one offer’. :D

Thank you & Happy Malaysia Day.
May we remain faithful to our country,
and united in our hearts, ALWAYS.