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Banana Stem Stir Fry ( Vazha Thandu Poriyal)

The banana plant besides the fruit have many different uses. The South Indians mostly use the banana leaves as platter when serving and also during weddings it is tied in the entrance. And I always love to eat at a banana leaf restaurant, it gives more taste to the meal I guess :). The stem of a banana tree if eaten flushes away toxins and cleanses the urinary track, thus prevents Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Here is a simple way of cooking the banana stem. 


Banana Stem
Grated Coconut
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves

How it's prepared:

1. Clean the banana stem by peeling of the outer layer of the stem. The inner core of the stalk is then cut into small pieces. Don't forget to remove the extra fiber because cutting them into small pieces. Wash and boil them with salt until they soften. 2. Heat oil in the pan, and mustard seed, after they splutter add onions, curry leaves and red chilies. 3. Add in the banana stem and cook for awhile. Add in turmeric…

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