Kelvaragu Thosai (Ragi Thosai)

Kelvaragu or Ragi is also called finger millet. Today we had Kelvaragu Thosai with chicken curry and stir fried cabbage with cauliflower for dinner. Light and healthy meal, also good to take for dinner because it is easy to digest.  

Kelvaragu is rich with minerals, protein and fiber. So it digests well, helps in weight loss and reduces the glucose level in your blood. Well I'm not a doctor...I just read articles on the net.

Here are some photos of my dinner today, Kelvaragu Thosai with Chicken Curry and Stir Fried Cabbage Cauliflower. stomach was so full after eating 2 thosai but it didn't bloat as it always did when I ate rice.

All the best in making your own Kelvaragu Thosai. I will update this post with it's recipe. ^_^