Beautiful Life

What a fantastic view. Such a cozy and wonderful place to be in. It feels so calm to sit by the window and just gaze outside. Gaze for as long as I want, just not thinking about anything at all.

That's really nice to do sometimes, especially when you are really exhausted and drained out. A cup of coffee and a nice slow music will make it even better. Right?

Or maybe I should turn the table facing the view, will be such a perfect place to sit and write my diary or blog. You get a lot of ideas when your are just sitting and doing nothing.

That's when all the ideas will pop in to your mind. Solutions to everyday problem and also motivates me to continue my day.

I am blessed to be here. I love this place so much, probably will really miss it when finally one day I have to leave. Sad but memories will remain with me forever. 

One of the most nicest place I've been so far and one very nice person I met here. I am truly blessed. Thank you GOD.