Finding Motivation

This weekend I decided to bring the kids to Taiping Zoo. It's been quite a while since I brought them out. So, we got ready on this beautiful sunny Saturday and left for a short vacation. I was in Taiping many years ago just for few days for work purpose, so all that memories was coming back into picture  while we were driving in Taiping Town.

Wasn't really a good one, rather a bad experience staying in one of the hotels years ago. That time I really thought I will never ever return to this town again. Guess what that terrible experience was? Nothing really, terrible actually. =)...

Me and my colleagues were scared to death, because we were told that the hotel we booked was haunted and after hearing this, you guessed it, all of us had sleepless night, every sound we heard sounded like there was eerie things around us. And so the next day we changed hotel. Haha... seriously there was nothing really scary, just that we got totally scared and couldn't sleep and started imagining things.

So back to the weekend vacation, the actual purpose was I wanted so much to be at one place. That's the Taiping War Cemetery. Need a doze of motivation seriously. I need motivation badly. But who would go to a cemetery for motivation?? I would, this is not just any Cemetery, it's the 'final resting place for Allied personnel who were killed during World War II, particularly the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese occupation of Malaya' (Source:Wikipedia).

So the point is, if all this men can fight the war bravely, after all our daily problems are nothing compared to what they have gone through and sacrificed. That really motivates me. So here I am, very honored to stand here and take a photo. 

Battery fully charged, Monday here I come !!

Taiping War Cemetery, 07.05.2017