I am in a dilemma. I wonder why people who are in some position and a leader of a team, but they fail to guide their team members. Some incidents recently really made me feel that this person can't be a leader. And that's very sad. 

So sad, that it demotivates everyone including me, that I feel like I should leave. But if I think again, I like being in this team, so just because the leader can't lead us, doesn't mean I have to leave rite. 

So what should I do? Leader is not helpful, leader doesn't accept ideas from team members, leader want everything to be done his way, even when team members advised that it's not right, leader tries to avoid important meetings and rather go for some other activity, doesn't know how to prioritize which is important and which is not, or rather avoids such important matters. 

You might think I'm complaining. But I'm not, I'm rather frustrated by the leaders actions and irrelevant decisions. I thought it will change, but the leaders seems to errmmm... not want to change himself.  The worst part is, the leader calls me with his finger/hand, without opening his mouth and calling my name, like he wants to fight one to one with me.... eeeee that is so rude. No respect for others. Doesn't he have manners. What kind of attitude is this.. (disgusted and angry)!!!

So what should I do? Leave....? Or accept the point that I have to just do my part and the rest leave it, let time change everything....

I feel very unfair..... and I'm in a dilemma....

I wish everything was back to how it was last time... I wanna cry everytime I think of it.